Beverly  Benson   Seamans

Beverly Benson Seamans 

October 31, 1928 - October 22, 2012

Sculptures can be viewed in person at 
The Benson Gallery
located in Newbury, MA
Contact us
(978) 255-4687

Beverly Benson Seamans is known
 around New England as the woman
 who can bring life to bronze.

 Beverly sculpted wax with 
grace and precision 
to create and capture
 the living likeness of
 shorebirds, animals and children.

The B.B. BuzzZzz 
Greetings to all those who have found themselves to our site!

My name is Holly Seamans, and I am Beverly's granddaughter.

However, I know her as 
B.B. (bee - bee).

Spring Has Sprung! Or has it?
Here in North East winter trudges on. And so do I, as I update the site Today. With my grandparents now together on their eternal voyage, We all find ourselves in the winds off their stern. We remember the love and adventure they shared. Each of us, with our own joyful song of memory.

Let us all remember our connections and gifts

Peace be with You!

 ~ Holly

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